Child Birth Problems

If child is not born for some time after marriage, the following pariharams are prescribed in our scriptures

No. Pariharams
1 Narayana Bali  - S11, S5, Sravan nak, K30, P15, Ashlesha and Navami
2 Naaga Bali
3 Gold boy in cradle to be given as Dhaan
4 Dhaan - 2 bullocks
5 Arrange and pay for marriage of a brahmin
6 Maharudra Jap
7 Do archana of 1 lakh lotus flowers for ShivShankar
8 Dhaan - gold cow doll
9 Dahaan - kumbh filled with gritahm - pot full of ghee with sugar stirred in it
10 For 1 year do pooja to Parthivaling and jap abhilasha ashtaka sthotra
11 ayurvedic medicine - "pumsavan" - for 3 months 

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Narayana Bali and Naag Bali can be done for 3 days at Trayambakeshwar, Nasik.

Even after above pariharams, child is not born, the scriptures prescribe adoption on an auspicious day.