Select Year and Month for finding suitable muhurth days.

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Chudkaram or tonsure.. This Sanskar is shaving the head of child. This is done in first or third year of the child. The body of the child is protected and harmonized by this ceremony.  Increase in force, life and glory, is the result of the Chudkaram Sanskara

  1. 1st to 5th year 
  2. Sunrise time
  3. Sun in Mesh, Vrshab or Mithun best.
  4. Maagh, Phalgun, Vaishak or Jyesht month good.
  5. Shukla Paksh.
  6. Tithi = 2,3,5,7,10,11,13,16 to 25
  7. Day = Sun Brahmin; Tuesday Kshatriya; Saturday Others 
  8. Mo,Th, Fr or We good for all.
  9. Nak = Asvini, Mrg, Punarvasu, Pushya, Jyeshta, Hasth, Chitra, Svati, Shravan, Dhanishta, Shatataraka, Revati, 
  10. Lag = 10,9,12,6,1,3,2
  11. Papa grahas in 3,6,11
  12. Mer, Jup and Ven in 1,4,7,10


  1. Moon in 8
  2. Ven not in 8.
  3. Small moon, Mars, Saturn or Ravi not in 1,4,7,10
  4. Jup in Leo
  5. Jup or Ven Combust with Sun
  6. Eclipse day. 
  7. Mother more than 5 months pregnant again.
Tonsure. 1st hair cut.