WORLD PANCHANG shows you the Tithi Vaar Nakshatra Yoga Karanam and Planetary positions for the year 1900 AD to 2050 AD.  Based on these combinations various days are classified as good and bad as per ancient Indian Astrological rules found in many books.  We have as far as possible applied these rules as found in the printed books.  

It is also true that there are conflicts between the rules given by various ancient authors and their reproductions.  We have to remember that 200 years ago there was no paper or press. Hence all the rules were learnt by heart by word of mouth -- in Sanskrit slokas thousands of years ago. In Sanskrit a wrong spelling leads to different meaning.  Somewhere along they were written down in dry palm leaves.  These were later printed in book formats using stone blocks in 1900 to 1925 AD. Later on better paper and printing technology were introduced.  But in our reading we find more errata in new books. Hence it is possible some rules may be really wrongly brought down to us now in printed form.

There are many treatises by ancient Rishis - 

Garga Hora, Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Saravali by King Kalyana Varma, Jataka Parijatam, Laghu Parasari, Hora Sara by Prithuyasas Son of Varaha Mihira, Phala Depkika ... these are all books on astrology related to horoscope calculations and predictions branch.

Nirnay Sindhu, Dharma Sindhu, Brihat Panchanga Phaladarsh Saarth, Sulabh Jyotish Shastra ... are all books dealing with Panchang and Muhurth branch of astrology.

There are conflicting rules in these books but we have tried to take a middle route.  Hence you need to re-filter the results shown for Muhurth with your astrologer / priest / temple / religious organization. This site can only do first filtration and show you good days. Though the results shown in this site are ok for most functions, for more perfect timing of a function your astrologer would consider the Ascendant and other planetary positions. Earthquake and other ulka bad days are not known by WORLD PANCHANG and have to be considered separately to re-filter muhurth days shown here.

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