No. Rule
1. Papa grahas are - Shani, Kuja, Rahu, Ketu and Sun.
2. Jupiter has dhrishti on Rasi 5, 7 and 9 from itself.
3. Jupiter has no dhrishti if in Capricorn (neecha rasi).
4. Papa grahas with Jupiter Dhrishti are not papa grahas.
5. For girls if there is a Papa Graha in rasi 7 or 8 from Moon or Lagna, there is dosham.
6. For boys if there is a Papa Graha in rasi 7 from Moon or Lagna, or on both sides of Venus, or in 4 and 8 of Venus, there is dosham.
7. Dosha horoscope of girl can be matched only with dosha horoscope of boy. Otherwise both should be shuddam.

These are general rules and change from region to region in India.  This is a shortcut rule-set which does not subscribe to. For original rules please click