Garba Aushadam

Muhurth is fixed in 2 steps shown as 2 rules tables below.

  1. Find the days suitable in a month.  Select the day. This is based on Month, Day, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. 
  2. Find the time of the event. This is based on the horoscope of that moment. What is rising ? What is setting or going to set ? etc.

Select Year and Month for finding suitable muhurth days.

Year       =   Month    =                      


3rd month of pregnancy best for GARBA AUSHADAM. This medicine is traditional ayurvedic preparation to give strength to the mother and child. 

Rules Table I

No. Good Avoid
1 3rd month of pregnancy. Krittika..
Mrgasiras. Mageeram 
Ardra..... Tiruvathira
Punarvasu. Punarpoosam Punartham
P.Phalguni Pooram Purva
Hasta..... Attham
Anuradha.. Anusham
Dhanistha. Avittam
Satabhisaj Chatayam,
U.Bhadrpad Uthrattathi
2 Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday Day = Monday,  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
3 Male Nak = Shravan, Pusya, Svati, Hast, Punarvasu, Mula, Purvabhadrapad, Anuradha, Mrgasiras, Asvini or Abhijeet Krishna Paksham 

Tithi = 1,2,3,4,9,14,15,16 to 30

 Rules Table II

No. Good Avoid
5   Lag = Mithunam, Karkitakam, Kanni, Makaram, Moonrise rasi.
    Veli Irakkam
  Sunrise to before mid-noon After mid-noon.
    Ulka = Eclipse day. Earthquake day. Meteor Shower day. Animal howling day.