Give Loan

When to give a loan so that we get back the principal and interest if any ? The loan can be money or an item for usage and return. If there are papers to sign you should get them signed on good muhurthas as per these rules.

Year       =     Month    =          

Show Muhurtha Days for above Year and Month.



No. Good Avoid
1 Asvini, Mrgasiras, Punarvasu, Pushya, Chitra, Svati, Visakha, Anuradha, Sravan, Dhanishta, Shatataraka or Revati Tuesday, Wednesday
2 Char Lagna = Ari Cnc Cap Amavasya
3 Sat Mar Rah Ket not in 5,9 Eclipse + 3 days
4 No planet in 8 Adik or Kshay Month
5   Earth Quake Day + 5 days
    Kartika, Uthram, Magham, Chitra, Revati