Griha Pravesham

vaastu purush

Do griha pravesh, vasthu shanti and brahmin feeding at a good muhurth then enter the house officially for good results from that house in future.

Muhurth is fixed in 2 steps shown as 2 rules tables below.

  1. Find the days suitable in a month.  Select the day. This is based on Month, Day, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. 
  2. Find the time of the event. This is based on the horoscope of that moment. What is rising ? What is setting or going to set ? etc.

  Year       =     Month    =                      

Show Muhurtha Days for above Year and Month.


griha Pravesam  is a pooja done to signify officially start residing at a new house or using a new office/factory. Traditionally milk is boiled. A pooja for the nava grahas and vastu to remove old bad effects from the place is done. A full green pumpkin vegetable is hung outside the window for 3 days.

Rules Table I

No. Good Avoid
1 Nak = Mrgasiras, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Svati, Shatataraka, Hastha, Pusya, Dhanishta, Utthara, Uttarashada, U. Bhadrapad and Rohini Nak = Bharani, Karthika, Thiruvathira, Ayilyam, Puram, Vishakam, Thrikketta, Pooratam, Pororuttathi. Veda Nak.
2   Day = TU SU
4 Shukla 2,3,5,7,10,11,13,15 Tithi = 
riktha 4,9,14, amavasya, S8 and K8
1st half of K7, S1 and P15
2nd half of K3,K10 and S11
7 Month = Vaishakh, Paush, Phalgun, Shravan and Margasheersh. Some say Jyesha Karthik and Maagh.  Month = Mithunam, Karkatakam, Kanni, Dhanu, Meenam.
Karthika Nathu Vela = (Metam 26 to Etavam 10).


Rules Table II

No. Good Avoid
3 Lag = Sthira Rasi = Tau Leo Sco Aqua  Lag = Metam, Thulam, Makaram, Sunrise Rasi

NavamshaLag and RasiLag = Mesh, Thul, Simha

5 No Papa grahas in 1,4,7,10,8 One planet in 4
6 Moon nak direction not in front or facing main door.   Mars in 8
8 Papa grahas in 3,6,11 Aparanham and after Sunset to 2:00 a.m.
9 No planet in 4,8 Vrsha chakra - From Sun Nakshatra 4,5,6,7,15,16,17,18,23,24,25,26,27 --  or

Counting 1 from Sun Nakshatra
1 to 7 bad. 8 to 18 good. 19 to 28 bad.

Kalash Chakra - From Sun Nakshatra

10   Sun Moo Jup Ven in neech or in 3,6,11,12
11   Shubh Karan
12   Night time
13   Lag = 8th from Janma Rasi and Janma Lagna of owner

Counting from Griha Pravesh 
Lagna if Sun Rasi is in
Enter from following doors 
for sun to be "vaamgath".
8,9,10,11,12 Purva - East
5,6,7,8,9 Dakshin - South
2,3,4,5,6 Paschim - West
11,12,1,2,3 Uthar - North