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With Jatakarma  all the disorders related to the eating habit of the mother are removed. This Sanskar is performed at the birth of a child as a welcome sign to the new born child into the family. Brahmins chant Mantras for a healthy, long life of the child. During this Sanskar, the father feeds honey to the baby and pierces the baby's ear. This ear piercing is supposed to enhance the memory of the child.

  1. Shudh Lagna
  2. Nak = Mrgasiras. Chitra, Revati, Anuradha, Rohini, Utthara, Uttharashada, Utharabhadrapad, Shravan, Svati, Shatataraka, Dhanishta, Punarvasu, Ashvini, Hast, Pushya, Abhijit
  3. Lagna in any of above nakshatras
  4. In Kerala this sanskar is done within 1.5 days of birth.


  1. Day = Tu, Sat. 
  2. Yoga = Bhadra or Vaidhrthi
  3. Eclipse day. 
  4. Earthquake day.
  5. Meteor Shower day.