Buy and Sell sitting in the market

When to sell and buy sitting in the market ?  Shares, commodities, vegetables, fish, fruits, flower or any daily sale item in various markets. Even though you may be in the market 6 days a week, the following muhurth days would help you clinch better deals.

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Show Muhurtha Days for above Year and Month.



No. Good Avoid
1 Asvini, Rohini, Mrgasiras, Pushya, Uthara, Hastha, Citra, Anuradha, Utharashada, Uttarabhadrapad  or Revati Kumbh Lagna
2 Moon and Venus in 1 Rikta Tithis = 4,9,14
3 Mars Saturn Rahu Ketu Sun not in 8,12 Tuesday
4 Jup Ven in 2,10,11 Amavasya
5 Tithis = 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,15 Eclipse + 3 days
6   Adik or Kshay Month
7   Earth Quake Day + 5 days
    WED and SAT - Gold / silver
    TUE and FRI - Grains