Marriage Bureau and matching Horoscopes by Email

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Mode Particulars
  • simple addition to database. 
  • horoscope matching can be optional or strict.
  • confirmation email of details, horoscope, dosham and dasha sandhis
  • email reminders every 3 months to confirm whether marriage already fixed.
  • only Rs. 250 [US$ 5] for first year   
  • only matching horoscopes and details will be sent by email automatically 
  • renewal Rs. 100 per year or part thereof

Step How this works
1 Add Adding details, preferences and horoscope to our data bank is FREE.  
2 Verify Each addition and horoscope is first time, verified for complete and correct entry. 
3 ok? A "request-to-confirm" email is sent to registering person's Email id.  This is to avoid unauthorized entries. If there are problems in marriage house VII or Venus an extra para is added. This will help smooth out delays and child problems if any.
4 Confirm Only after we receive the confirmation, the entry will be registered in the data bank.
5 Continue? After every 3 months, Email is sent seeking continuation of the registration. The registering person has to re-confirm that marriage is not yet fixed.  This ensures that entries in the data bank are current at all times.
6 Auto Scan only for paid entries

The matching program runs 24 hours. It goes on continuously matching details and horoscopes. Whenever a new paid horoscope is registered, it is automatically matched against the data bank. 

  • All horoscopes and details found suitable are sent by Email to registering person.

  • Where matching is with a paid entry the other party also is sent a copy of the Email.


Since Email ids are frequently changed/abandoned/full or otherwise not working; to avoid bounced Emails every  registration is allowed to give an alternate Email id also.  After 3 Email bounces, we will stop sending Emails to that id.

As a matter of policy, we do not allow including photographs in our databank.
If we receive complaints on any entry, it will be verified.  If found true, we would delete that entry.
Those without Email facility have to be "free" entries in our data bank as all Emails are automatically sent by the matching program.. 
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Disclaimer :  We do not accept any responsibility for family credibility, background or correctness of details in our data bank.  Move cautiously as marriage is a permanent commitment. Please re-verify and inquire all details from 3rd parties before engagement ceremony. We do not guarantee correctness of birth time or horoscopes entered in our data bank or happy married life.  Individuals are requested to contact their astrologer for re-confirmation. However, we have taken utmost care in incorporating best logical rules for matching based on Maharshi Parasara Hora Sastra. Ref: Jatakaporuttam by K.K. Kunjunni Menon, B.A., Tiruvanthapuram, 1951 publication, pp28.