Indian Astrology
"Whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time" - Dr. Carl Jung.

Do you believe in Astrology? Yes I believe in Indian Astrology.

Does Indian Astrology Work? Yes.

What is Indian Astrology? Astrology is a science that predicts future events based on planetary positions. It also lists remedial measures to avoid bad events. These remedial measures work.

What is the use of Indian Astrology? Forewarned is fore armed. The wise person consults the astrologer, who identifies the problems and suggests remedial measures. Once the remedial measure is performed then the problem is lessened. This is key to a happy life.

Who is an Astrologer? An astrologer should be an adult married person with own children. He must have studied Indian Astrology for a couple of years at least. An astrologer can be good only after an experience of 5 years’ practice. He should be well versed in many subjects. He should do daily pooja to the gods and the 9 planets.

What does the Astrologer do? The reliable Indian astrologer uses a horoscope to judge a person. Based on the planetary positions s/he can find good results and problems. For problems Indian Astrology lists many remedial measures (pariharams). These are in the form of fasting, gems to be worn, temple to visit, rudraksh to wear, dhaan items to be given as donation to a temple or poor person, lucky colours or a pooja to be done. Then the problem is mitigated. These pariharams work.

When to go to Astrologer? The wise person goes to the Indian astrologer when the child is born to make its horoscope, understand the good and bad results and then performs the prescribed remedial measures.

People also visit the astrologer at the time of making major decisions in life – marriage, politics, deciding on which line of education to follow, change of job, new business, buying a house or vehicle. You can also find auspicious timing for important events and functions in WORLD PANCHANG.

How to succeed in Politics? Will I have an arranged or love marriage? Will I be a good Musician? Should I be a Banker or Business person? Will I succeed here or in a foreign country? Should I follow a medical or finance study? When will my health improve? Will my marriage be a success? Will my daughter have good children? Will my son find happiness in marriage? How to come out of my current financial problems? What remedy should I do to get back loans I have given? These are the types of questions to be asked to the reliable Indian astrologer.

When did Indian Astrology start? Astrology is a statistical science handed down to us 1000s of years ago. The original texts are written in a logical Sanskrit language. These texts are based on knowledge gained by saints who practice yoga for years. After years of meditation they gain much knowledge including astrology. Some of these saints share this knowledge with juniors and students in their hermitage.

This sharing of knowledge is a series of question and answer session between the teacher and student. Thus knowledge was transferred from teacher to student only orally. In the process much of the discussions were lost and have become extant. Noticing this loss of detail, a few 1000 years ago, these were written down in palm leaves. Recently they were printed in paper. Our site is fortunate only to get the printed books and now we are sharing it with you electronically over the Internet.

Why does Indian Astrology work? Because it is based on the Advaita philosophy. Advaita advocates oneness of the universe. When you burn paper it becomes ashes – it only changes form. The whole universe is one single entity which apparently seems full of plurality. This is called Maya or illusion. This single entity is called parama-atman and each living being is an atman. Thus the single entity is called God and each living being is made out of this God. Indian Astrology is based on this idea that all the planets and living beings in the universe are inter-connected. All the atoms are made of God by God.

What is Zodiac? The Earth revolves around the Sun. It takes a year to complete one revolution. During the year, as seen from the Earth, the Sun seems to be near different stars (which are far behind) each month. This apparent path of the Sun against the star background is a circle. This circle is divided into 12 parts. Each part is called a sign. There are 12 signs in Indian Astrology. The 12 signs together are called as the Zodiac.

There are 360 degrees in a circle. Dividing 360 by 12 we get each sign = 30°. Each sign represents some Element. Different Movements are referred by each of these 12 signs. Each sign has a Ruler. Signs are fixed in Indian Astrology. They never change.

The Indian Calendar or Panchang has 12 months based on which sign the Sun is in. Each month starts when Sun enters next sign. The English calendar has months starting when the Sun is in the middle of each sign.

Constellation means a group of stars in Astronomy. The zodiac has 12 constellations corresponding to 12 signs. The signs are named same as these constellations. There are many constellations which are far away from the zodiac. The Sun would not be anywhere near those stars in such constellations as seen from earth. Such constellations are not used in Indian Astrology. “Nakshatra” is a Sanskrit word meaning star. Stars are big burning hydrogen balls. Stars do not feature in Indian Horoscopes as they are many light years away. The 27 “nakshatras” used in Indian Astrology are explained below.

The horoscope is used to show the sky in a chart form. The horoscope has 12 boxes. Each box represents a sign as shown below:

12 Pisces

1 Aries

2 Taurus

3 Gemini

11 Aquarius


4 Cancer

10 Capricorn

5 Leo

9   Sagittarius

8 Scorpio

7 Libra

6 Virgo

The planets move around the Sun. As the earth revolves around the Sun during a year, the Sun appears to be in line-of-sight against the 12 signs Aries, Taurus ... Pisces.

The following are the 9 planets generally used in Indian Astrology horoscopes.  


























































Mandhan [slow]





Ascending Node of Moon's Orbit







Descending Node of Moon's Orbit



In astrology as in astronomy, the planetary positions printed in all Ephemeris and Panchangs are as seen from the centre of the Earth. To be uniform, all such printed tables in the world are for 00:00 hours GMT [Greenwich Mean Time]. Similarly WORLD PANCHANG is also showing Planetary positions as per international standards for daily 05:30 hours Indian Standard Time [IST].

The Indian horoscope is made for the time of birth of a person. The exact time is when the child is separated from the mother by the cutting of the umbilical cord.

At that birth moment of time and location, a particular sign is rising, some planets are rising, some are setting, some are above and some are below the horizon. The rising sign is numbered as House I, the next one below eastern horizon is II, the house below is IV, the setting house is VII and the house above is X. Houses are with reference to location and time.

The planetary positions are drawn in a horoscope. The rising sign is called as Lag or Lagna or L. The rising sign is numbered 1 and the others ascending clockwise. In following example Scorpio is rising and hence numbered 1.

5 Ket

6 Sun

7 Moo



9 Jup

3 Mar



1 Lag

12 Sat

11 Rah

House Represents
I Health
II Wealth
III Younger, School education
IV House, Vehicle, Mother, College
V Children, Happiness
VI Sickness, Enemies, Loans
VII Marriage
VIII Lonevity
IX Bhagyam, Father, Abroad
X Job
XI Income, Elder co-born
XII Expenses, Kindness

How to judge a horoscope? The houses 1 to 12 represent head to foot different parts of the body. Similarly different planets also represent different parts of the body. Relatives are also signified by different houses and planets. Matters like Education, Finance, Travel are also indicated by different planets and houses.

Sr. Planet Karakan Kaarakatvam [Represents]
1 Sun Pitru Father, longevity, promotion, power, responsibility
2 Moo Maatru Mother, body, mind, brain, intelligence
3 Mar Brathru Brother, land, ojas.
4 Mer Karma Job, Occupation, Medha, Talking capability, Studies, Learning, Medicine, Worldly knowledge
5 Jup Putra Dhanam, Vidya, Sons, Teacher, Health
6 Ven Kalatra Wife, marriage, wealth, aishwaryam, enjoyments, vehicles, fine arts
7 Sat Death method, relatives, learning other skills
8 Rah Other languages skill, doctor and medicine
9 Ket Moksham, Sadness, Jewels

Thus for every Question there is a planet and house(s) to be judged. For example Marriage is judged from Venus and House 7. Marriage also is judged by house 2 family and 11. Childbirth in marriage is judged from house 5.

Some planets are good, mars causes quarrels and ketu kills. For example in above horoscope an abortion or unhappiness from child is indicated by Ket in 5.

Planets in own house = sign where it is ruler are beneficial. Planets in Exaltation are very beneficial. Planets in Debilitation are powerless to give good results.

Planet Shape Colour Gem Cts Metal Rudraksh Temple to go to Fast
Sun Red Ruby 3 Copper 1 Fire and Shiva Sun
Moo Round White Pearl 11 Silver 2 Godess Durga Mon
Mar Triangle Red Coral 6 Copper 3 Subramanya, Hanuman Tue
Mer Green Emerald 3 8 dhatu 4 Vishnu Wed
Jup Square Yellow Sapphire 4 Gold 5 Indra, Vishnu Thu
Ven Multiple Diamonds 1.5 Silver 6 Godess Durga, Sachi Fri
Sat Oval Blue Sapphire 4 Steel 7 Brahma, Hanuman Sat
Rah Gomed 3 Copper 8 Subramanya, Sesha Tue
Ket Cat’s Eye 3 Steel 9 Shiva, Chandi, Ganesh Sat

How is Indian Astrology different? In western astrology there are no stars only planets, signs and houses. In India the zodiac is also divided into 27 parts of 13.333° each. These are the 27 nakshatras. Commonly when a person says he is Swati nakshatram, it means he was born when moon was apparently in Swati part of the zodiac. WORLD PANCHANG shows daily ending moments of when moon leaves each nakshatra from 1900 to 2050 AD. Nakshatras are used extensively in India for marriage matching. Nakshatra compatibility between male and female is primarily required for marriages.

Pariharams Table
Rule No. Lord of Signifier of in Wear its gem Fast on its day Pray to its Lord Wear its Rudraksh
1 I Health Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y
2 II Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
3 III Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
4 IV Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
5 V Child, Mind Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y
6 VI VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
7 VII Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
8 VIII VI, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
9 IX Luck, Bhagyam Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y
10 X Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
11 XI Debilitation or in VI, VIII, or XII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y
12 XII VI, or VIII or in enemy’s house or with enemies or with papa dhrishti Y Y Y

Everybody can wear a Reliable Gems Ring containing gems of Lord of I, V and IX in their horoscope.

Everybody including those without proper horoscope can wear a Reliable Nava Ratna Ring containing all the 9 gems of the 9 planets.

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