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Nishkarma or the child's first outing, performed to protect the child from evil spirits and other malevolent forces that are considered to exist outside the home. Nishkramana Sanskar is performed when the child is taken out of the home for the first time. S/he is taken to the temple first time. The reason for this Sanskar is to show obedience to the sun, moon, fire, water and wind - the Panchmahabhut. This is supposed to enhance the age and physical and mental development of the child.  In Nishkramana Sanskar, the child is shown to the Sun which is  the source of life on earth. With this, life and prosperity increases. 

  1. 4th or 7th month after birth or with Annaprasanam
  2. Lag = Leo Kanya Thula or Kumbh
  3. Day = Th Fr or We
  4. Nak = Asvini, Revati, Hast, Dhanishta, Rohini, Sravan, Pusya, Mrg, Uttara, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Punarvasu, or Uttarabhadrapad
  5. Tara Bal
  6. Shubh Tithi