Paalnyath tevna
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Paalnyath Tevna  or putting child in a crib or swing. The mother puts the child in the swing with child's head facing east.

  1. After birth,  12th day for boys and 13th day for girls.
  2. Nak = Revati, Asvini, Chitra, Svati, Hast, Punarvasu, Anuradha, Mrgasiras or Jyeshta.
  3. Else after birth on -- 10th, 16th, 18th, 22nd or 32nd day
  4. Uttara, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapad, Rohini, Hast, Asvini, Pushya, Revati, Anuradha, Mrg, Chitra, Punarvasu, Shravan or Svati
  5. Day = Su Th Fr


  1. Eclipse day. 
  2. Earthquake day.
  3. Meteor Shower day.
  4. Animals howling day.