Show Nir-ayana Planetary Positions at
05:30 a.m. IST = 00:00 hours GMT
The Planetary positions are Geocentric = for the centre of the earth.  Hence the result is correct for all locations in the world at 05:30 hours Indian Standard Time. But note that when it is 05:30 in India it is 00:00 at London and 19:00 hours previous day at New York and so on.

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We are showing position at 05:30 to be consistent with other published Panchangs and Ephemeris which show planetary positions for 00:00 hours at London, Greenwich Mean Time [GMT = UT = ET]. 

Notes: Nir-ayana means not moving. Indian Astrology uses a non-moving zodiac. Thus a star's position remains 180 for a very long time in Indian Astrology. In Western astrology the spin of the axis of the earth will change the position of the star gradually to come back to same over a period of 26,000 years. This is called the precision of equinoxes. Because of this the zero degrees Aries keeps changing 55 seconds of arc every year in western astrology. The difference between west and Indian astrology positions is now roughly 24 which is shown as AYANAMSHA in the result table when you click submit. Both the s-ayana or tropical system and Indian nir-ayana system coincided in 285 A.D when Ayanamsha was zero degree.

Ayanamsha = 22 27' 43".40  + 5625".75 T + 1".1115 T2 + 0".0001 T3 + Nutation where T is centuries after 1900.00 A.D.