Muhurth is fixed in 2 steps shown as 2 rules tables below.

  1. Find the days suitable in a month.  Select the day. This is based on Month, Day, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. 
  2. Find the time of the event. This is based on the horoscope of that moment. What is rising ? What is setting or going to set ? etc.

Pumsavanam is done in the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy.

Select Year and Month for finding suitable muhurth days.

Year       =   Month    =     Husband belongs to       


Punsavana or putting few drops from crushed bud of peepul tree. This second Sanskar is performed during the third or the fourth month of pregnancy. The significance of this Sanskar is to invoke divine and good qualities in the child. According to our ancient Shastras, this ritual is performed in the desire for the  first child to be a male. The reason for expecting male child is believed to be in the belief that it is the male child who carries the Vansh forward. 

Rules Table I

No. Good Avoid
1 2nd or 3rd month of pregnancy. Normally this function is done with Seemantham. In North 4th month of pregnancy for first child. Other than Pooyam and Thiruvonam for Yajur Vedis.

Other than Pooyam for others.

2 Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday


3 Male Nak = Shravan, Pusya, Svati, Hast, Punarvasu, Mula, Purvabhadrapad, Anuradha, Mrgasiras, Asvini or Abhijeet Tithi = 
4,9,14, amavasya, S8 and K8
1st half of K7, S1 and P15
2nd half of K3,K10 and S11
4   Krishna Paksham for Yajur Vedis

Rules Table II

No. Good Avoid
5   Lag = Mithunam, Karkitakam, Kanni, Makaram, Moonrise rasi.