Facets What it gives the wearer
1 A Rare one which gives the wearer protection from several ailments
2 Termed as Yulroopa this has high medicinal value
3 Neutralises planetary afflictions. Gives good health, prosperity
4 The wearer is blessed with children
5 Brings good luck and prosperity, protects against accidents. (wear 3)
6 Gain intelligence, inspiration and success. Enjoy comforts of life
7 Represents Cupid
8 Attainment of name, fame and prosperity and acquisition of all wants
9 Neutralises bad effects of Saturn and Rahu, protects from evil spirits
10 Protection from all kinds of miseries, success in true love affairs
11 Neutralises all planetary afflictions. Rarely found
12 Powerful protection against all kinds of diseases, removes obstacles
13 Represents Cupid
14 Provides all worldly comforts, fame and gives salvation to soul