Sources of income

Dates: The prediction dates in the horoscope are in English Gregarian Calendar. A full human life is 120 years. This is divided into parts as follows:

Level Period   sub-period
1 Full Human Life 120 years = 9 Dashas
2 Each Dasha = 9 Bhuktis
3 Each Bhukti = 9 Antar Dasha
4 Each Antar Dasha = 9 Sookshma Dasha
5 Each Sookshma Dasha = 9 Prana Dasha

Source of income in various periods

Sun periods -- money derived from father or his side of the family, from superiors, and from holding of responsible positions or official appointments, also through social influence. Money derived through your own efforts may be parted with easily.

Moon periods -- money derived from the mother or her side of the family, from females or from inferiors through the employment of labour. You are better as an employee than employer now. Also money through water, liquids or masses and the general public rather than with superiors or the few. You will spend with more prudence the money earned now.

Mercury periods -- gain by writing, speaking, travelling,clerical jobs,agencies, commissions, discounts, dividends, interest and paper money generally. Also success in all commercial undertakings, scientific pursuits, trading, publishing, advertising, distributing and circulating, occupations where skill or training is required like in computers; examinations, teaching. Also gain connected with brothers, sisters, cousins and to some extent servants.

Venus periods -- gain through social relations, friendships, society, marriage, pleasures and amusement industry, clothes and finery,domestic affairs,jewellery, upholstery, millinery, hosiery, wearing apparel, hotels, restaurants.

Mars periods -- gain through strength and force, engineering, mechanics, cattle dealing, breeding, stock farming, timber, coal, slate, iron, steel, drugs, che- micals, mining, sanitation, hygiene,surgery,soldiers and to some extent sailors. Sometimes through legacy or marriage. Also an inclination to spend freely.

Jupiter periods -- gain through religious affairs, government offices, managements, legal affairs, trusts, banking, churches and temples, charity and chari- table institutions, professorships in science,philosophy,literature or religion; long voyages and shipping.

Saturn periods -- gain by labour, method, responsibility; land, legacies, building, farming, heavy trading such as contracts or time periods, minerals, carry- ing in transit, removals, storage, shipping of merchandise, public apointments, investments in stocks and shares of companies dealing with oil, steel and other items got from deep underground.

Uranus with current period lord -- gain through antiquities, old and curious objects,through unique employments of a purely mental character,especially those occuaptions in which the occult and mystical side of things are the main feature like astrology, clairvoyance, writing of science fiction. Also gain thorough in- ventions, high class mechanics, composing music; and employment in the railways.

Neptune with current period lord -- gain through navigation and the sea, also through secret service, the turf, hospitals, asylums, swimming pools, public establishments in which unfortunate and afflicted people are confined.Also money derived through fraud, deception and other questionable ways like blackmail and 'bubble' schemes, misrepresentation, 'bogus count' business...

What went wrong with my finance?

  Problem by Planets in Remedy
A.  Debilitation (neecha) Remedial measures are given at the end
B. 6,8 or 12th house Dhaan, Fasting or POOJA may be conducted
C. enemy's house as specified to remove dosh and improve
D. with enemy/papa graha financial poistion.
E. with papa dhrishti  

All planets will give both good and bad results in their main or sub-periods. We give some general rules laid down in ancient texts ...

Period, sub-period ... Results

  Good results       Bad results
1.  Planet in Exaltation   A.  Planet in Debilitation
2.  Planet in Moolatrikona   B.  Planet in Enemy's house
3.  Planet in Own house   C.  Planet in 6, 8 or 12
4.  Planet in Friend's house   D.  Planet in 2 or 7
5.  Planet in 1, 4, 7 or 10   E.  Planet with Papa Graha
6.  Planet in 5 or 9   F.  Planet with Papa Dhrishti
7.  Planet with Shuba Graha      
8.  Planet with Papa Dhrishti      

The intensity of the good results is balanced vis-a-vis the bad results and then a net result is to be read. For example if by rule 3 you are to get a fine vehicle and by E an accident, you will buy only a scooter and have a minor accident.....