When to start long distance travel to temple, native place, tourist place?  This ensures good events during the travel and also successful completion of the objective of the travel. 

Year       =     Month    =          Direction =            

Show Muhurtha Days for above Year, Month and Direction.


Rules Table I

No. Good Avoid
1 Char Nakshatras = Svati, Punarvasu, Shravan, Dhanishta, Shatataraka Amavasya
2 Monday .

Rules Table II

No. Good Avoid
2 . Eclipse
3   Adik or Kshay Month
4   Earth Quake Day + 5 days
5   Janma nakshatra

Prasthan : If travel on other days is must, take one big piece of luggage and keep it at least 1 k.m. away from home on the way.  If possible stay there one day before starting on the journey.  This stop gap arrangement will ensure you avoid starting at a bad time.

Return Journey : After going to 4 places finally you will be returning back home. Ensure that the last leg of the travel which is the return journey home is not starting on 9th day from travel starting date.  Either postpone it by a day or come back one day early.

Good Shakun : A good omen is good when you leave home on a long journey.  Following list of items you see or hear when you leave home is guideline to indicate successful journey -- 

coming towards you -- two or more learned brahmins, horse, calm elephant, fruits, food, milk, ghee, cow, lotus, washed clothes, prostitute,  drum beats, peacock, mangoose, copper coloured bull, mutton, good words, flowers, sugarcane, water filled vessel, umbrella, wet mud, virgin, jewels, turban, white bull, wine, women carrying child, well spread big fire, mirror, kajal, washerman with washed clothes, fish, decorated chair of any deity, non-crying group of people carrying dead body, flag, ram, bow and other weapons, gopi chandan, bharadwaj bird, passenger vehicle, ved and mantra chants, javelin and mangal songs. coming from behind you -- somebody with empty pots. Talking or hearing talk of sound of -- alligator, pig, snakes, monkey, bear  and rabbits is bad, -- but seeing these animals is good when getting down. 

Bee,  camel, talking parrot, dog with nails, cuckoo, lizard, female pig, mouse, bear on the left side is good. Doe, swan, and other male birds flying on left side is good. Eagle, monkey, deer, cow, female gender animals, crow, bear, dog on right side is good.  Dog scratching on right side is good. Seeing 1,3, 13 and other odd number of animals running away is good. Braying of the ass on left or behind is good. Seeing Bharadwaj bird, peacock, mangoose, swan, sheep  is good. Dog scratching its head with left leg ensures good food in near future. Meeting 1 shudra, 2 grocers, 3 brahmins, 4 warriors or 9 ladies indicates the journey will be happy. Seeing peacock dancing ensures success in travel.

If you see above shakun they are good only when you are breathing with left nostril. If you see bad shakun please close the left nostril with a finger and breath with the right nostril for 1 minute. Then bad shakun becomes good !!!

Good shakuns are bad and vice versa when you want to wade across a river, running away from authorities, going into village, going for war, going as ambassador, searching for lost item, going to see a sick person etc. 

Shulam : The following are to be avoided.

  Day Nak Direction
1 Mo, Sa Jyeshta East
2 Th Dhanishta, Uthara to Revati South
3 Su, Fr Rohini West
4 Tu, We Uthara North

Disha Yogini: Avoid following

Direction Sanskrit Tithi
North East Esha 8,30
East Purvey 1,9
South East Aagney 3,11
South Dakshin 5,13
South West Niririt 4,12
West Paschim 6,14
North West Vayavya 7,15
North Uthar 2,10


T = reminder of ( Muhurtha Nak - Janma Nakshatra ) / 9

If T = 1,3,5,7 then avoid.

Ghath Chakra: Avoid following combinations. Read only the column meant for your Janma Rashi where moon is in your birth chart.

Janma Rashi Mesh Vrshab Mithun Kark Simha Kanya Tula Vrischik Dhanu Makar Kumh Meen
Lunar Month Karthik Margshirsh Ashad Paush Jyeshta Bhadrapad Maagh Aashvin Shravan Vaishakh Chaitra Phalgun
Tithi 1,6,11 5,10,15 2,7,12 2,7,12 3,8,13 5,10,15 4,9,14 1,6,11 3,8,13 4,9,14 3,8,13 5,10,15
Day Sun Sat Mon Wed Sat Sat Thu Fri Fri Tue Thu Fri
Nak Magha Hastha Svathi Anuradha Mula Sravana Shatataraka Revati Bharani Rohini Ardra Ashlesha
Yoga Vishkambh Shukla Paridh Vyaghath Dhrithi Shukla Shukla Vyathipath Vajra Vaidriti Ghand Vajra
Karan Bava Shakuni Kowlav Naag Bava Kaulav Taithila Gara Taithila Shakuni Kinstugna Chatushpad
Prahar 1 4 3 1 1 1 4 1 1 4 3 4
Male Moon 1 5 9 2 6 10 3 7 4 8 11 12
Female Moon 1 8 7 9 4 3 6 2 10 11 5 12

Lizard Sound at home just when starting on a journey indicates following :

direction of Lizard sound from  Result
Roof, East, West, North Ishta Siddhi - success
Agneya South East Artha Labh - Profit
Vayu North West Travel all over the country
Nirriti South West Dukh - sadness
Eshana North East Problems in work
South Death

While getting down on journey if different toes of the leg hit a stone the following results may be expected :

Left Leg Right Leg Result
Little Big Food
Ring Index Dress
Middle Middle Gold / money
Index Ring Disease
Big Little Death