Veda Arambham

Muhurth is fixed in 2 steps shown as 2 rules tables below.

  1. Find the days suitable in a month.  Select the day. This is based on Month, Day, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. 
  2. Find the time of the event. This is based on the horoscope of that moment. What is rising ? What is setting or going to set ? etc.

Select Year and Month for finding suitable muhurth days.

Year       =   Month    =                      


Vedarambha or the beginning of Vedic study, performed during the Brahmacharya stage of life at the home of the guru. This Sanskar is done along with Upanayana. The wearing of  the Sacred thread entitles the child to study the Vedas and participate in Vedic functions. The child commences his journey on the road to spiritual life. This is contrasted with a life of eating, sleeping and procreating, which kind of life animals also live. The child is sent to Gurukul.

No. Good Avoid
1 Age = 3. 
3rd to 4th birthday.
Nak = Bharani, Kartika, Ayilyam, Makam, Pooram, Vishakam, Thrikketta, Mulam, Puratam,Poororuttati.                                                        
2 Thrikketta/Jyeshta. Day = TU  SA  MO
3   Lag = Simham, Vrichikam, Kumbham, Etavam, Meenam
4 Tithi = 

S = (1),2,3,5,6, (7),10,(11),13,(15)

K = (1),2,(3),5,6, (7),(10),11,13,(15)

8/14 touching sunset
Day before 13 
4th leg of 7 
Maha Navami
8/1  touching Madhyanham / midnoon

4,9,14, amavasya, and S8 
1st half of K7, S1 and P15
2nd half of K3,K10 and S11

5   Mars in 8
6   Papa grahas in 2 and 5
7   Mercury combust with Sun *
8   (Sunrise + (sunset - sunrise)*2 /3)   to 
(Sunset + (sunset - sunrise)*2 /3)
9   Age < 3 years.  4th and 6th year.