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Welcome to Indian astrology on which you can rely. Here you will find help to avoid problems in life by following simple remedial measures given in Indian astrology. These remedial measures can be followed by everybody irrespective of religion, caste, class or creed. Fasting on a particular day, wearing correct gem and metal, wearing appropriate rudraksh, giving specified items as donation ...

...simple solutions to avoid accidents and flop marriages, better success in education, financial stability, good relation with relatives, loan recovery, how to succeed in politics or job or business, how to increase my luck, how to get happiness from children, and so on.

Lucky Dates

To find lucky dates for wearing new dress, travel, joining new job, marriage, ear piercing and other events in life - click appropriate big button on the left panel. These lucky dates work as they are calculated as per ancient Indian Astrology books like Muhurtha Chintamani.

Lucky dates for different cateogries of events are available here and also in downloaded World Panchang Lucky Dates. Social - romance, new friendship, first date, enjoy a movie, wear new dress, wear new jewellery, dance music party, picnic, new Relationship. Travel - long travel, short visits, join a procession, sports, visit exhibitions. Medical - start medical treatment, surgery. Personal - cutting hair nails and shaving, beauty parlour visit. Loans - give loan, apply for loan, take loan, loan pre-payment. Buy - buy household item, sell, buy vehicle. Property - buy house, buy shop, buy factory, buy machinery, buy property, laying foundations stone, house warming ceremony, move into new house, opening ceremony. Work - join new job role, resign job role, start new business, join politics, resign from political party, join another politial party, start new poltical party, farming, gardening, seeding, start decorations interiors, religious work, rites for forefathers (shraddham). Tough Actions - Bold and brave work, filing a law suit, win arguments, daring activities, heroic activities, join army defence battle, join judo karate martial arts, routine day to day work.

Life stage ceremonies - naming ceremony, first hair cutting, first rice feeding, marriage, ear piercing, pregnancy function, adoption, sacret thread ceremony, start learning ceremony.

Lucky Dates application can also be downloaded to your iPhone, iPAD, Mac and Android phones and tablets. Click image above to download.

Free version - only three months sample data available.

US$ 0.99 - one year data

US$ 1.99 - three years data

World Panchang 1900 to 2050 A.D.

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Which Gems are correct for me?

This Reliable ring is specially made for better luck, health and peace of mind only for those born with rising sign = Tau, Gem, Vir, Lib, Cap or Aqu (Vrshab, Mithun, Kanya, Tula, Makar or Kumbh). Click for details. Order a horoscope if you do not know what is your rising sign as per Indian Astrology.

Consultation with Reliable Astrologer

Find whether there is any problem in a horoscope, prescribe remedial measures to circumvent problems related to education, finance, love, marriage, child birth, health ... why there is delay in succes, what is causing delay in marriage, should I start a business on my own or with a partner? will I succeed abroad?

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