Why Consecration or Sanskars ?

Like cotton that has to be purified, converted to cloth and tailored to make a dress, so also a Hindu undergoes many consecrations at each stage in life for removal of impurities and seek blessings from the gods. more notes ...

  Pre-natal Samskaras   Childhood Samskaras   Student Samskaras   Adult Samskaras
1. Garbhadhaan    4. JataKarmam     AksharArambh   13. Marriage
# Child birth problems     ShantiKarma     VidyaArambham     Sekam Nikshekam
  Give Puli [imli]     PaalnyathTevna   10. Upanayanam     Sthaleepakam
2. Pumsavanam   5. NamaKaranam   11. VedaArambham   14. VanaPrasthan
  GarbaAushadam     GiveVayambu     Keshanta   15. Sanyasa
3. Seemantham     Kanneyutthu   12. SamavartanGraduation   16. Antyeshti
  VishnuBali   6. Karnvedh           Sanjayanam
  Nokam   7. Nishkramana           Adoption
      8. Annaprasanam            
      9. Chowlam            
        Uduppipaan [10 yr girl]            

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